Thon’s stepmom was abusive, starving him for days at a time. Thon’s father was absent, leaving them without finances. They had no money and no support.


     When Thon was seven years old, he decided to run away to join his friends who lived in the street in Lake State Rumbek, South Sudan. He believed that this would be better for him than living with his stepmom.


     The beginning of street life was very difficult because he relied on leftover food waiting to be taken by the garbage truck. Thon would share this food with stray animals in the street.


     Sometimes during lunch time the women washing utensils would ask the street boys for money just to eat smelling, rotten food. Thon would get drunk first before eating this food to make it taste a little better. To get the money for drinking, he would steal and sell metals. He would get beaten up because no one understood the conditions he was living in.

     Now Thon is eleven years old and he has been surviving on the streets for over four years. Fighting for his life, starving every day. No one to take care of him. No one to love him. No one to provide a home. No one to feed him.


      In Juba, South Sudan, just south of Lake Rumbek where Thon is, There is approx. 3,000 orphaned and abandoned children who have to fight to find food to eat every day. This Giving Tuesday, you can help us rescue these children, provide them with good meals, and a place to sleep. Your sacrificial gift today will feed many mouths and bring more of these precious children to God.

     There are approx. 300 children in our GIFT boys and girls homes right now, being fed three meals a day every day in South Sudan and Uganda. Not only are we feeding them food, but the Bread of Life, Jesus.


     We are teaching these precious children how valuable their lives are and that God truly loves them. He wants them taken care of, fed, and taught the Word of God. Many of these children have never felt real love. Children like Thon who at only eleven years old has had to fend for himself, all alone and starving.

      In addition to our GIFT children’s home where many children are fed daily, we provide community counseling and medical services. Graduates of our 60-day Bible school are trained to hold crusades in remote villages where thousands are coming to Christ in 260 villages across East Africa. Our “Train our Trainers” program trains ministers in Muslim evangelism. None of this would happen without your help.

     Your gift today can help children just like Thon to get off the streets, have food, and learn about Jesus. You can be a part of this life-changing work, seeing lives completely transformed.


     Please join us today in this life-saving work. Together we will feed hundreds of these precious children and teach them about Jesus.

     Right now my heart is broken for the starving children in Africa. I’m praying that they will be fed and learn about how Jesus can transform their lives!


     Your gift today of $25, $50, $100, $250, or even more will feed these starving children and bring them into the loving family of God. You can help these precious lives be completely transformed by your generosity.


     Without your help, these precious children will still live in the streets, without regular meals living every day in starvation, not knowing if and when they will eat again. They won’t get the support they need to live healthy and happy lives. These children are in desperate need! Today you can help!

     I’ll look forward to hearing from you very soon. We love you and pray for you each day.