Benson wasted 10 years in prison. 10 years filled with anger, bitterness, and disgust!


     He was falsely accused and unfairly imprisoned, serving a sentence for an offense he didn’t commit! All he wanted was to blame God or the justice system for this treatment.  


     Conditions in the prison were crowded, sickness was rampant. The food was barely edible. He often went to sleep hungry. Guards would mock the prisoners and treat them like animals. Inmates were packed into tiny, dirty cells. None of this helped him with how he felt.


     After 10 years in prison, he was waiting for an opportunity to avenge himself. His heart was filled with rage and sadness. Benson blamed God that his life was wasting away. He did nothing wrong and cursed God for it. 

     Our Favor Team visits prisons all across South Sudan and Uganda every year to hold 60 day Portable Bible Schools (PBS) and provide Trauma Healing for inmates. This gives prisoners a chance to learn about God’s love, healing and forgiveness. How to let go of their anger and bitterness. 


     Benson wasn’t interested in our Portable Bible School. He didn’t care about God and wanted nothing to do with us. Fellow inmates kept telling him how much the PBS training was impacting their lives. Then he made a decision that would change the entire course of his life. 


      Our leader that day said, “Despite all the evil and shameful activities you’ve done in the past, there is still hope for you. God has not stopped pouring out his unfailing love and mercy upon your life.”

     Benson’s heart was pierced. Was this the truth? Is God really gracious? Does He have love for me too? Suddenly, he felt the love of God wash over him. Without second thoughts, he completely surrendered his life to God. He knew that God would save him from his sins, that he could let go of everything he was holding on to for so long. All anger, bitterness, and resentment. 


     Benson forgave his offenders that day. He let go of all his pain. He never went back to who he was before. His fellow inmates knew that he wasn’t the same.


     Benson now rejoices. His life is peaceful. God has given him many new opportunities. He knows God is in control of his life. Benson was even chosen to lead the Prison Fellowship and discipleship classes while he was still in prison! 

     After being released from prison last year, all Benson wanted was for his people to know the truth. He wanted people to know the love of God. That the Gospel is for even the people who have made the greatest mistakes in life. Benson is now pastoring a congregation and God is moving in mighty ways!      


     Each year we go into scores of prisons all across South Sudan and Uganda to hold 60 Day Portable Bible Schools! There are over 80,000 men and women in prison in South Sudan and Uganda. Many who are desperate, and wanting to be forgiven. 


     Today you can help hundreds of inmates find forgiveness and regain their hope and peace.

     If it wasn’t for people like you, where would Benson be today? He would go out and get revenge on those who wronged him. He might have gotten released from prison and caused a fight that would end with him dead.   


     I wish you could meet Benson today and hear his story from his own mouth. It’s so powerful to see lives completely set free, changed, and making an impact for eternity. 


     Without your help, many people in prison won’t hear the Gospel. They won’t learn how to live in peace with God and man. They won’t have real transformation in their hearts and their lives. 

     Today you can be apart! You can help us launch even more PBSs to save hundreds, even 1,000+.


     Your gift of today of $25 or $50, $100, $500, or even more will see lives transformed. Inmates will hear the Gospel. They will be welcomed into the Kingdom of God. You can help these lives be completely transformed, and delivered from guilt, shame, and bitterness. 


     In addition to our prison-based Portable Bible Schools, we operate a boy's and girl’s home where abandoned and orphaned children are rescued and cared for. We provide community counseling and medical services. Graduates of our 60-day Bible school are trained to go out and hold crusades in remote villages where thousands of unreached people are coming to Christ. Right now we have a PBS in over 260 villages across East Africa. None of this can happen without your help! 

     We love you and pray for you every day. 


     Thank you for taking part in the Kingdom of God and helping see so many lives changed and transformed by the power of God.