God is using Women Empowerment to transform hearts!
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"Her children rise up and call her blessed; and her husband boasts of and praises her."


Proverbs 31:28

Favor is empowering women in rural villages throughout Uganda and South Sudan, where we bring awareness through education. We empower 50 women at a time, in each village, with training and activation of a sustainable livelihood project, in order to feed and educate their own children. 

Training includes corporate team projects, savings and loans, financial budgeting, entrepreneurship, Biblical studies and discipleship, anti-abortion, ending gender based violence, marriage, and eradicating sexual exploitation of children.

The results have been astounding! We've seen:

  • Many salvations
  • Marriages restored
  • Children being educated
  • Businesses started
  • Homes built
  • Church growth
  • Women empowered to preach, teach, and evangelize
  • Economic status improved
  • Abortion abolished
  • Sex trafficking prevented 

God is doing a lot in the field through Women Empowerment projects.


Here is Paska from Loyoboo Women empowerment site in Unyama, Gulu District. She has such a powerful testimony!


Paska suffered from domestic violence and planned to abort her child. But God!


There was a teaching on the dangers of abortions that happened in the local center and immediately Paska joined the group. Although she was stressed and bitter since her husband mistreated her and neglected her after conception, she cried and decided to keep her precious son. He is now healthy and alive, sitting next to her as shown in this beautiful picture above!


Paska is so thankful for God and for Women Empowerment which helped transform her life and save her baby boy!

Adong is so happy that God has used Favor's Women Empowerment project to bless her life! She is a widow and it made her finances tough. But thanks to the project, she can now pay her children and grandchildren's school fees, can afford her medical bills, and is even able to eat well and feed her entire family!


What's even more incredible is that God used this project to rescue her from brewing a toxic local brew and leave her old dark ways behind. She even surrender her life to Christ and accepted Him as Lord of her life!


She now has 4 cows and is living a transformed life for Jesus and helping her family move forward towards a brighter future in HIM!


To God be the glory!

As mentioned above one of our many focuses is to eradicate sexual exploitation and trafficking among the children. When foreigners come to the villages with offers of jobs in Saudi Arabia for their children, most think it will provide them with a better life.


But with education of these vices and traps, many mothers now testify, 'When the men come to our villages to offer to take our girls away for an education and jobs, we chase them away! Thank you Favor for the teaching and awareness you are bringing us to save our children, and helping us to be able to feed and educate them ourselves!" 

Unfortunately, we aren't able to reach some in time and they sadly say, "We didn't know.', or 'Why did you delay in coming?"

You can help us reach these villages before these evil and greedy traffickers come to snatch this precious generation of young children! 

Click below to help us transform lives today for the Kingdom of God!

We highly value your prayers as you partner with us to see God’s Kingdom established in Uganda, South Sudan, and America.


Our Current needs:

  • Portable Bible School – There are 404 Portable Bible Schools now going on throughout 8 nations. Please pray for our precious missionaries as they face many insecurities, dangers, flooding, lack of food, sickness, and disease. God has a wall of fire about them and they will not be harmed!

  • Sudan - Please pray for Sudan - "He makes wars to cease!". Please pray also for the safety of believers in the midst of conflict.


  • Sudanese Refugees - Please pray for tens of thousands of refugees who are fleeing the war in Sudan and coming into the northern part of South Sudan. We have 30 field missionaries who have gone to minister through Trauma Counselling to these victims of war. Please pray for a mighty revival amongst the Sudanese. We are seeing many Muslims turn to Christ.


  • Founder Carole Ward - Please pray for our founder, Carole Ward, as she finishes her U.S. itinerary and prepares in a few days to head back to South Sudan. Please pray for a continual covering and an abundance of wisdom, discernment, and strength.


  • New GIFT Intake - 34 new boys in South Sudan, 50 new boys in Uganda, and 45 new girls in Uganda. Please pray for transformation as they yield to Jesus and are set free from the trauma of the past.

Our teams in Africa are praying for each Favor partner daily and we will have them lift up your specific prayer requests if you send them to us at prayer@favorintl.org.

Click below to listen to Carole's powerful story of how God sent her to the field and to hear about the incredible ways He has moved there!

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