A call to prayer for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - known for faith in God, known to provide aid to nations, known for freedom, known for a strong economy, known to send missionaries and support spreading the Gospel to foreign lands. PRAY THAT WHAT WE ARE KNOWN FOR will be what God brings us back to!

Then the Lord will be zealous for His land, and pity His people. The Lord will answer and say to His people, "Behold, I will send you grain and new wine and oil, and you will be satisfied by them; I will no longer make you a reproach among the nations."


(Joel 2:18–19 NKJV)

Lord, we thank You that You are zealous for our land and that You will answer when we cry out to You. We pray and believe that You are:


  • Restoring the sovereign legality of the Constitution in America
  • Securing our borders against every unholy invader
  • Restoring our judges as at the first (Isaiah 1:26)
  • Restoring godly wisdom to our people
  • Teaching every person to distinguish the holy from the profane
  • Awakening every person to love righteousness and hate lawlessness
  • Taking evil "wokeness" out of society and restoring truth
  • Bringing a rain of righteousness upon the land

In Africa, our Favor teams and missionaries are praying for America everyday. They are praying for you everyday and calling you by name! 

"The effectual and fervent prayer of the righteous avails much!"

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We highly value your prayers as you partner with us to see God’s Kingdom established in Uganda, South Sudan, and America.


Our Current needs:

  • Portable Bible School – There are 404 Portable Bible Schools now going on throughout 8 nations. Please pray for our precious missionaries as they face many insecurities, dangers, flooding, lack of food, sickness, and disease. God has a wall of fire about them and they will not be harmed!

  • Sudan - Please pray for Sudan - "He makes wars to cease!". Please pray also for the safety of believers in the midst of conflict.

  • Sudanese Refugees - Please pray for tens of thousands of refugees who are fleeing the war in Sudan and coming into the northern part of South Sudan. We have 30 field missionaries who have gone to minister through Trauma Counselling to these victims of war. Please pray for a mighty revival amongst the sudanese. We are seeing many Muslims turn to Christ.

  • Founder Carole Ward - Please pray for our founder, Carole Ward, as she finishes her U.S. itinerary and prepares in a few days to head back to South Sudan. Please pray for a continual covering and an abundance of wisdom, discernment, and strength.

  • New GIFT Intake - 34 new boys in South Sudan, 50 new boys in Uganda, and 45 new girls in Uganda. Please pray for transformation as they yield to Jesus and are set free from the trauma of the past.

Our teams in Africa are praying for each Favor partner daily and we will have them lift up your specific prayer requests if you send them to us at prayer@favorintl.org.


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