Mwaka has led more than 1,000 precious people to Christ!


After graduating from our Leadership Training Institute, Mwaka went to two unreached villages to tell people about Jesus.

On the first trip he went to Anaka, Uganda where 200 people were led to Christ! People with chest pain, waist and lower back pain, tooth pain, and cancer were healed. Ungodly altars were destroyed. Godly
ones were restored! The people now worship God!

The second trip was difficult, as he went to nearby Kotido, Karamoja, they didn’t know English well. But, the Lord showed Mwaka how to reach them! He first went to the elders in the villages with his translator and shared the message of the Gospel with them. They accepted Jesus and allowed him to bring the Gospel to the village!

More than 300 got led to Jesus on that trip! Again as he prayed, many people got healed from headaches, cancer, and blindness. Lost hope was restored to so many precious people!

Bringing a thousand people to Christ all started when he was listening to our Favor Radio Station and heard an announcement about our Leadership Training Institute! This is Favor’s two year Bible School, where people are trained in the Word, soul-winning, Biblical lifestyle, stewardship, and so much more.

He had grown up Christian but believed only pastors could tell people about Jesus. He was scared of sharing the Gospel! He visited the radio station and got connected with us. Akena immediately enrolled in the program to be trained, a decision that would change his life forever!


While there, God completely set him free from the fear and doubt that consumed him. He could now stand in confidence before God, and preach before man! While there, he learned that the great commission is for everyone, especially for him! So he went!

Since then, he has led people to Jesus one-on-one, in large groups, and he has counseled and prayed with people. As of now, he has won more than 1,000 souls to God! His desire to win the lost has increased so much. He follows the voice of God in all he does.

He is grateful to God for attending our Leadership Training Institute because it has impacted him mightily. He sees a better future with hope. Mwaka knows God has called him to preach.


His heart's desire is to see many people come to Christ, from nation to nation.

     Every year we see 40-50 students in the Leadership Training Institute and just last year 1,700 people were led to Jesus through this program.


God is moving across East Africa in a powerful way. Students of our Leadership Training Institute are fully equipped to preach and teach the Word of God, plant churches, and train others to enter this mission field of opportunity.

In addition to our Leadership Training Institute where we include both in-class and in-the-field training, we send missionaries into villages to evangelize and start 60-day Portable Bible Schools where graduates are trained to go and impact villages, towns, and nations for the Gospel. In 2022 alone we saw 436 different locations of Portable Bible Schools across eight countries!

  We also provide medical services, vocational training, and women empowerment programs. Our GIFT (God’s Institute for Transformation) children’s home takes children from the street and raises them to become mighty men and women for God!


Today you can help us train more young men like Mwaka in our Leadership Training Institute to tell others about Jesus. Your gift will help us reach thousands of people for Christ in 2023. With a gift of $100 you can support one student in the LTI for one month! Your gift today of $25, $50, $75, $100, $500, or even more will see these young people empowered to share the Gospel across Africa!


If it wasn’t for people like you, where would Mwaka be today? Maybe he would still be living in fear in his village, afraid to share his faith with others. All of those people, more than 1,000, would not hear the Gospel. We cannot allow this to happen! We need to empower these young people to reach their nations, cities, villages, and see these precious people led to Christ!

Please help me raise more leaders, pastors, and soul-winners across East Africa through our Leadership Training Institute. Please help by praying that thousands upon thousands of people would be won to Christ due to our faithfulness.


We can’t do any of this important work in Africa without your help!


I look forward to hearing from you today! We love and pray for you every day.


Thank you for taking part in this life-changing work for the Kingdom of God!


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