Akena was only seven years old when his parents passed away. 

     Orphaned along with his two younger brothers, he was left living with his abusive aunt and uncle in Gulu, Uganda. Civil war raging around them, he felt so lost in this world. 

     His aunt would leave him without food or water all day. She’d also accuse Akena of stealing. One day, his uncle had had enough. Through tears, Akena begged for forgiveness, his uncle threw him to the streets at only nine years old

     Living on the streets, Akena struggled for food, shelter, and clothing. He would smoke marijuana, drink alcohol, steal, and do all sorts of wicked things. He didn’t want to think about life. Drugs were his only escape. By this time, he only knew the hardships of street life. 

     One day he was caught stealing by shop owners and they nearly killed him. They had poured gas on him, all that was left was to light the match. Then he heard a voice saying, “Pray, and they will leave,” He prayed, and they left. He knew that without God he would be dead

     About that time, Cosmos, one of our Favor missionaries was doing an outreach on the streets. He approached the group of street children that Akena was apart of. He convinced the kids to listen to him, and told them about the GIFT Children’s Home, a story Akena could hardly believe! 

      There’s a GIFT (God’s Institute for Transformation) Children’s Home where his life could be completely changed. Meals, a place to sleep, and people who love him! Cosmos invited the boys to attend a prayer meeting at the GIFT Children’s Home. 


     Taking Cosmos up on his offer, Akena went to the GIFT Children’s Home with him. Akena loved the prayer meetings and started attending daily. After several month’s of this, he decided to accept their offer to live there. 

     Soon he made up his mind to have a real relationship with God. He cried out and asked Jesus to come into his heart. After a 3-day prayer and fasting event, he asked God to completely transform his life. He stopped smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol for good! 


     He found a true home for the first time. A safe place to sleep, nourishing meals, and something brand new - spiritual help - prayer, care, and even miracles. He found people who loved him. After years of loneliness he had found a place to belong. He said in his heart, ”I’ll never go back to the streets.”


     At the Gift Children’s Home he learned about the vocational training program, where children are trained for a successful future. Akena enrolled in the fisheries department. After completing the program he joined the staff there. He is learning how to feed, breed, and multiply the fish. 

     Akena is so thankful to Favor, for giving him the opportunity to find meaning in life again. He is so excited. No longer is he accused of stealing. He has a place to belong, with a purpose for his future.


     He is so happy about what God has done in his life. He says, “I pray that every child still on the streets will find God, a purpose for life, and a place to belong in their community.”


     Each year we rescue boys and girls from the street. We enroll them in our GIFT home and train them in the vocational training program. They learn skills such as fishing, sowing, baking, and farming. They learn how to grow into the giftings and talents that God has placed in the inside of them. 

     In addition to our Vocational Training program where we are training hundreds of GIFT children in  practical life skills; We also provide medical services and women empowerment programs.


     Graduates of our 60-day Portable Bible School are trained to go out and impact remote villages for Jesus. Just last year we launched Portable Bible Schools in 436 different villages across eight countries! 


     Today you can help us rescue more boys and girls from the streets and train them in new life skills. Your gift today of $25, $50, $100, $500, or even more will rescue these young people’s lives. These lives will be touched, changed, and given a hope and a future. 

     If it wasn’t for people like you where would Akena be today? Maybe he would’ve been suffering from starvation, or beat up again for stealing. Even worse, he could be dead from the lifestyle he was living.


     Without your help, there are many precious children that won’t hear the truth of the Gospel. They won’t learn that God has given them a life of meaning and purpose. A calling and a beautiful future in Christ. 

     None of this can happen without your help! We love you and pray for you every day. 

     Thank you for taking part in this transforming work for the Kingdom of God.


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