James Chan is discipling over 55 believers. He has activated scores of Portable Bible Schools in Sudan and planted 13 churches.


     James Chan knew the Lord had called him to preach but he did not know how to do it. He decided to attend one of our Portable Bible Schools.


     Portable Bible Schools are a 2-month discipleship training program. A few graduates from PBS travel into unreached villages and lead around 100+ people to the Lord. This is then followed by a few of our teachers coming in to run a new PBS, discipling these new believers in their relationship with God and having them graduate and be able to start PBSs themselves! This process repeats and thousands of souls are won to the Lord and discipled through our Portable Bible Schools each year.


     After attending PBS, James developed a great passion and zeal for Jesus. The PBS training completely changed his life. He realized the importance of sharing the Gospel. All he wanted was to see thousands of people led to God.

     Two years ago, we were looking for a missionary to send to Sudan but no one was ready to go. That was until James responded to the call and said ‘Yes, I will go.’


     He left his family in Aweil, South Sudan to follow the call he felt to reach the lost in Sudan.


     He visited a refuge camp in Nyala, Sudan and started winning them to Jesus. Through his travels, going into Muslim areas, places with only underground churches and refugee camps, he planted 13 new churches, activated multiple Portable Bible Schools, and has over 50 underground believers in Muslim areas in cell groups praying! Hundreds of people have started believing and that they are turning to God!

     Reports keep coming from the camp and across Sudan that many people have started believing and that they are turning to God!


     Approximately 91% of the population of Sudan is Muslim, but with missionaries such as James, this is changing rapidly! We have 200 locations where we currently run Portable Bible Schools. Each result in 60-180 graduates, plus an additional average of 100 saved per location. This totals 20,000 saved and 20,000 discipled per 3 waves a year. This results in over 60,000 saved and 60,000 discipled in just one year!


     People are wanting to know the truth, They are crying out to God. Today, you can help our PBSs thrive, support missionaries, and help us see hundreds more souls won to the Lord.

     In addition to our 60-day Portable Bible Schools where new missionaries are trained to hold crusades in remote villages, we have a GIFT children’s home where many former street children are fed daily and cared for. We provide community counselling and medical services across South Sudan and Uganda. None of this would happen without your help.


     Your gift today can help missionaries just like James be sent into the harvest of unreached people, seeing thousands of hopeless people come to God, with their lives transformed.


     Please join us today in this life-changing work. Together we will see thousands of souls won to God, across the nations of Africa and across the globe.

     Right now, my heart is broken for the precious people across Africa who do not know Jesus. I’m praying they will learn of His goodness and have their lives completely transformed by the power of God.


     Your gift today of $25, $50, $100, $250, or even more will enable us to launch more Portable Bible Schools launched in 2023 than ever before. It will see thousands of souls won, and new missionaries sent to preach the Gospel to the unreached.

     Without your help, these precious people will not learn about the truth of the Gospel. They won’t learn the joy of serving God. New missionaries won’t be trained and learn how to go into unreached villages. There’s a world out there that needs Jesus. You can be part of seeing Africa transformed for Jesus. Today you can help!

     We love you and pray for you each day.



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