The first two quarters have been incredible!
 ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌ 

     THIS QUARTER - 39 new boys from Kapoeta, South Sudan came to our Juba center and 45 girls and 50 boys to our centers in Uganda.


     Many of these children are malnourished and especially those who came from Kapoeta, where there are food shortages, cattle raiding, and tribal fightings. The children roam the streets in crime and steal hoping to find something to eat. It is easier for them to get some drugs to dull the pains of hunger than it is to get food.

     Each one of these precious boys and girls are created in the image of God and He has a plan and purpose for their lives. 


     Within a week of coming to our centers, each one received Jesus into their lives and the process of transformation began. Love is something foreign to them and so they thrive under the loving care of our team as they care for them body, soul, and spirit. WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY to transform the nations through the next generation.

The recent crusade in Pabbo, Uganda was one of those moments in time where God did exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or imagine!


  • 3 days of fasting & prayer
  • Meeting with pastors for mobilization
  • 628 recorded salvations
  • 285 water baptisms
  • Ongoing discipleship
  • Deaf received their hearing
  • A lame man threw away his crutches
  • Incredible and palatable hunger for Jesus
  • Mighty exploits for His Kingdom

 One of our visting teams this year included medical personnel who partnered together with our Favor Medical Team to provide medical services to the remote region of Karamoja. The people came and our team treated between 200-300 in just one day. Each person was prayed over, received the message of salvation, and was lovingly cared for.


As we provide medical services to those who don't have access to good treatment, it opens the door for Favor to make a footprint in the land for the furtherance of the Gospel. This is what we saw happen in Karamoja and the door has opened wide for us to bring training, discipleship, women's empowerment, build churches, and much more!

There's so much to celebrate in just the first half of the year alone! Even right now as you are reading this God is at work on the field!


Thank you for your continual prayer, encouragement, and support!

We praise God for you!

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