Changing communities for the Kingdom!
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     Alfred Otim, at only 22, was a drunkard, a hard man, never forgiving anyone, and dating multiple women. 


     His life had no purpose, but to drown in alcohol and ungodly living.


     One day, he received an invitation to join a weekly fellowship at a church. He accepted because the pastor was a friend of his, but never wanted anything to do with God. 

     Little did he know, that day would be the day of his salvation. He felt the stirring in his heart, that he needed to make a change, that God was the one who could do a work in him. The pastor led him into salvation. When he received Christ, his life changed instantly!


     Alfred now knows that God is in control. As his faith grew, he developed a deep excitement for the Gospel! The pastor of the church he was attending told him about us, that we have a Bible School, Favor International School of Ministry. He knew right that day that God was calling him!


     After months of intensive training, He returned to his home village with the candle of faith burning in his heart and started a fellowship with a handful of members called Achwang. It all started in a high school classroom, from there it grew into a grass thatched building. 

     Alfred and the congregation believed God would provide a solid building for them to house the church. One that would not change with the seasons. Finally, we were able to build the church a brand new structure! 


     The church is now seen as a model for all of our churches. A place where government leaders, school children, youth, women and men hold various activities - a community hub. The church has also benefited from a women empowerment project which is transforming the women in the community. 

     Alfred has even traveled and led evangelism, preached, helped plant other churches, and more. God is so faithful! He uses those who submit to him and want to see people led to Christ! 


     In 2022 alone we saw 45 churches planted and 13 constructed! 


     There are so many pastors just like Alfred across Africa who want to see their church developed and moved into a steady building! They want to have a place to worship and preach, and a hub for the entire community all in one.

Achwang Church is thriving! It has become a community hub for the entire village with so many lives touched, changed, and empowered with the Gospel!

     Alfred is so grateful to God and Favor International for doing this great work in Africa. That he gets to be a part of seeing this move of God, with so many precious lives touched forever. 


     Each year, we see countless lives transformed by God through the churches. Whether they are regular attendees, hear about it from a neighbor or friend, or even through a program the church building is being used for! 


     In addition to our church planting and construction, we have a 60-day Portable Bible School where graduates go out and impact the most remote villages, towns, and cities of Africa for God! This year we have already seen more than 450 Portable Bible School locations across eight nations. These students are never the same from the teaching, they know the truth, and want to share it everywhere they go! 

     We have medical services, a trauma healing program, and women empowerment. Also, we have a GIFT (God’s Institute for Transformation) children’s home, where we rescue abandoned and unloved street youth. These children are brought into our GIFT homes, raised up in the Word and learn that God loves them and has an amazing plan for their lives! 


     Today you can help us see churches planted and constructed. You can see these community hubs developed and an entire village transformed by the Word of God! Your gift today of $25, $50, $100, $500, or even more will see more lives set free, communities serving God, pastors raised up, and so much more! 

     If it wasn’t for people like you where would Alfred and Achwang Church be today? Would the church have been planted? Would the community know that Jesus died for them? Would Alfred even know God at all, or still be living in sin and alcoholism. Even worse, maybe he would be dead from his actions, whether from fighting or alcohol abuse. 


     Without your help, there are so many precious people that won’t know about God! They won’t know that Jesus died for them and they can live in forgiveness and joy. 


     This can’t happen without your help! 

     We love you and pray for you each day. 


     Thank you for taking part in this most important work for the Kingdom! 

     PS. With your help we can see churches planted and built by the dozen! Communities turned completely to God! 


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