"And this good news of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world.."
 ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌  ͏‌ 

"And this good news of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world as a testimony to all the nations..."


Matthew 24:14

Two radio stations - one in Juba, South Sudan and one in Gulu, Uganda reaching multiple millions with the Message of the Kingdom. Through Favor FM, we are able to reach the unreached, those who live in remote areas with poor roads and where proper infrastructure doesn't exist, and those in areas where there may be dangerous ambushes and wars along the way.

The majority of the populations of both countries are still non literate and without the Word of God. Hunger for the word of God is immense – but there is a famine of the Word (Amos 8:11).

Favor FM brings:

  • Hope to the Hopeless
  • Freedom to the captive
  • Peace to the tormented
  • Salvation to the lost
  • Food for hungry hearts

The programming lineups include preaching, trauma healing, Bible school on wheels, the local news and the Good News, marriage seminars, counseling, children's programs, general interests, praise and worship, late night call-in for healing and wholeness, general interest discussions, and much much more. Our radio teams are out ministering in the community, responding to calls, and bringing light into dark places!

As we blanket the nation with the Gospel through the airwaves, we are seeing incredible amounts of salvations, healings, restored marriages, diverted suicides, broken bondages, and hope restored. It's only Jesus - its only as we lift up His Name and His Word in the land that we are seeing miracles happen daily. The radio stations are a very exciting and joyful place to work because when one soul comes home, all of heaven rejoices and so does our studios! They rejoice everyday!

We are believing God for a 75 meter booster in Juba to extend our coverage to millions of more listeners. You can be part of reaching the multitudes and changing the spiritual climate of nations to bring national transformation!

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We highly value your prayers as you partner with us to see God’s Kingdom established in Uganda, South Sudan, and America.


Our Current needs:

  • Gabriel from South Sudan – Pray for Gabriel in South Sudan as he's looking to make inroads into new nations very soon. Pray that God will open doors and make a clear path!

  • Sudan - Please pray for Sudan - "He makes wars to cease!". Please pray also for safety for believers in the midst of conflict.

  • GIFT Program - Please pray for transformation in the lives of new intakes of girls and boys into the Favor GIFT (God's Institute for Transformation) program.

  • Kingdom Expansion - Please pray and believe with us that MAY will be a month of abundance in resources, in souls, in development, and in Kingdom Expansion.

  • 2023 Vision - Our 2023 vision is 'Mighty Exploits'! As God sweeps the nations of Africa, we pray for revival fires to burn in the hearts of people to transform nations.

Our teams in Africa are praying for each Favor partner daily and we will have them lift up your specific prayer requests if you send them to us at prayer@favorintl.org.

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