God is doing BIG things through Trauma Counseling!
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     Atong, a 16 year old girl, ran away from home while she was being forced into an unwanted marriage.

    Life had been good as a child, but her father had passed away earlier that year. Now her uncles saw Atong as a means to gain wealth by marriage, to receive cows, money, and more. They did not value her life, but how she could benefit them. 


     The pressure of marriage and her uncles wanting to take everything from her, drove her to run away to Juba, South Sudan. She had to fend for herself because of the hard city life. 


     She was resilient through this and enrolled in Juba University to study medicine. She attends school, works, and now lives with a friend. 

     Even through these successes, unforgiveness and bitterness towards her uncles still lingered. Atong felt like she was treated so poorly. She was angry at them! These thoughts consumed her day and night.  


     One day she heard about our Trauma Counseling classes at her university! We had been invited by the dean to hold a session, and she got to be apart. 


     Trauma Counseling is a two week program that provides care for those who have been through traumatic events. In the post-war nations of Uganda and South Sudan there are so many precious people who have seen war, abuse, and the death of family members. Students learn in the program about the great forgiver, Jesus, that only He can change them from the inside out, and cleanse them from that trauma. 

     Atong made the life-changing decision to enroll in the Trauma Counseling class being conducted at the University. A decision that would completely change her life. 


     She learned about the effects of revenge and the benefits of forgiveness. Out of all of these wonderful things she learned, the most important was that Jesus could save her from it. She learned that He loves her more than anyone else and can wipe away all of those feelings of bitterness, anger, and resentment. 

     She gave her life to Jesus that day! Atong felt His love wrap around her and she knew she would never be the same.

     Atong forgave her uncles and relatives for the ways she was mistreated. She now says that Trauma Counseling has helped her to rise above the trauma of hurt, abuse, and lack of love. To be strong emotionally, and have the skills to cope in all the storms of life. She knows Jesus rescued her and she doesn’t have to live in the pain of the past! 


     Each year, we see thousands upon thousands of lives transformed through our Trauma Counselling ministry. It goes hand in hand with Portable Bible Schools, across 750 locations each year (annual average). We walk with these precious people through their past, and out to the glorious life they have in Christ! 


     Our Trauma Counseling ministry has even been recognized by the government! We hold Trauma counseling sessions in prisons, the army, and many government offices. 

     In addition to our Trauma Counseling ministry where thousands learn about Jesus, our Great Forgiver, we have a 60-day Portable Bible School where graduates are trained to go out and impact the most remote villages of Africa for Jesus. This year we have already seen 450 Portable Bible School locations across eight nations! 


     We also provide medical services, vocational training, and women empowerment programs. Our GIFT (God’s Institute for Transformation) children’s home takes children from the street and raises them to become mighty men and women for God, with lives of purpose! 


     Today you can help us see thousands of lives completely transformed by the truth of what Jesus did! Your gift today of $25, $50, $100, $500, or even more will see more lives set free from unforgiveness, bitterness, and resentment. With just $100 you can support 5 students through Trauma Counselling! 

     If it wasn’t for people like you where would Atong be today? Maybe she would still be living in unforgiveness and anger. Maybe she would always live in the darkness, without the truth of Jesus. Even worse, she could’ve acted out of revenge towards her family! 


     Without your help, there are so many precious to God that won’t hear the truth of the Gospel. They won’t learn that God has given them a life forgiven, and filled with purpose. 


     None of this can happen without your help! 

     We love you and pray for you every day. 


     Thank you for taking part in this life-changing work for the Kingdom of God! 

     P.S. With your help we can see the lives of thousands of precious people transformed and see them living in God’s forgiveness!


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