Portable Bible Schools are transforming hearts, communities, & nations!
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"I will be exalted among the Nations, I will be exalted in the earth! The Lord of Hosts is with us; The God of Jacob is our refuge."


Psalm 46:10b-11

Our field missionaries GO to places unreached, dangerous tribes, areas of war, wherever there are hungry hearts, hardened hearts or those who just don't know the matchless Name of Jesus


We currently have Portable Bible Schools in the following nations:


  • Sudan

  • South Sudan

  • Uganda

  • Chad

  • Central African Republic

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Ethiopia

  • Kenya

In January 2023, 446 trained field missionaries took the Gospel to places where others will not go and counted it joy to reach nations with the Good News

Our first wave of Portable Bible Schools in 2023 saw:


  • 450 locations reached
  • 29,899 souls saved
  • Equipped graduates
  • Churches planted

A Portable Bible School includes:


  • Door to door evangelism in the village or community
  • 2 months of discipleship
  • 2 weeks of trauma counseling
  • Children's ministry
  • Marriage counseling
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Church or small groups planted
  • Prayer established
  • Literacy training

It is so exciting to hear of the reports coming out of Chad. Three Portable Bible Schools were conducted for the first time and the underground church (which is underground because of Islamic terrorists) was strengthened and encouraged and is being brought above ground. We are seeing pockets of revival break out across that great Nation!

Khartoum, South Sudan, which is now being ravished by war, saw eight Portable Bible Schools. Our precious indigenous missionaries remain there as it is their home and they continue to daily strengthen the church.

Darfur, Nuba Mountains, and Muen are only some of the places we're seeing the gospel bring hope and transformation. God makes wars and insecurities cease - He brings help and hope to those without it. The atmosphere changes as darkness has no choice but to be pushed back when the Light comes.  

We proclaim that His Name is exalted! As Isaiah 12:4 calls us to do, "Give thanks to the Lord, call upon his Name, make known His deeds among the people, proclaim that His Name is exalted."

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We highly value your prayers as you partner with us to see God’s Kingdom established in Uganda, South Sudan, and America.


Our Current needs:

  • Portable Bible School – Pray for our 2nd wave of Portable Bible Schools for 2023 that are now kicking off. Missionaries are headed back to the field, communities are being mobilized, and many souls are already being saved!

  • Sudan - Please pray for Sudan - "He makes wars to cease!". Please pray also for the safety of believers in the midst of conflict.

  • Sudanese Refugees - Please pray for tens of thousands of refugees who are fleeing the war in Sudan and coming into the northern part of South Sudan. He's bringing the Sudanese to our doorstep and most come from Islamic backgrounds. Our teams are there on the ground ministering and we are sending more missionaries even this week. Please pray for revival in the midst of tragedy!

  • Short Term Serving Teams - Please pray for upcoming Short Term Serving Teams. Please pray that their lives will never be the same and that they will be stamped for The Great Commission in a deeper way!

  • 2023 Vision - Our 2023 vision is 'Mighty Exploits'! As God sweeps the nations of Africa and across America, we pray for revival fires to burn in the hearts of people to transform nations!

Our teams in Africa are praying for each Favor partner daily and we will have them lift up your specific prayer requests if you send them to us at prayer@favorintl.org.

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