The Lord and His Word are here to stay across Africa!
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"I will build my church and the gates of hades shall not overpower it!" 


Matthew 16:18

Churches are being built all over northern Uganda and South Sudan - more than 70 finished and dedicated and others in the process even now. When a church is constructed in a village, sometimes its the only permanent structure in the entire region. When a church is constructed it makes the statement - "Jesus has come to stay"! When a church is constructed it becomes a discipleship factory for the whole community.

The newly built churches are used for:


  • Prayer meetings
  • Mobile medical clinics
  • Church on Sundays
  • Women's Empowerment groups
  • Village Learning Centers
  • Mini Bible school courses

Can you imagine the excitement, dancing, and celebrations as they dedicate this new facility to Jesus!

Click the video above to see new believers in Amuru be baptized!

One such church in Amuru was built and dedicated in 2021. 74 new believers were just water baptized last week as the church is multiplying at an incredible rate. 103 new believers were baptized in July. Exponential growth and multiplication is happening in Amuru!

Another church built just a few years ago, called Akore Springs, has already planted 3 churches! At the newest church plant - just this past week - 37 new believers were baptized and 20 children dedicated. It is the only full gospel church that exists in its area and the surrounding communities.

As churches are established, discipleship and leadership training is included, new believers come to Jesus, additional churches are planted, and water baptisms and baby dedications take place! The impact of a church building is enormous!



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We highly value your prayers as you partner with us to see God’s Kingdom established in Uganda, South Sudan, and America.


Our Current needs:

  • Sudanese Refugees - Please pray for tens of thousands of refugees who are fleeing the war in Sudan and coming into the northern part of South Sudan. Muslims are coming to Jesus! Please pray for their safety and the safety of our teams ministering there!

  • Portable Bible School Graduations - This month we'll see 404 Portable Bible Schools graduations with 1,000s of new converts and 1,000s disciples! Please pray for these new graduates as they go out to spread the Good News of Jesus with the nations!

  • Resources and Finances – Please pray for a provision of resources which are needed to finish the Portable Bible Schools and bring our missionaries home.

  • New Intake of GIFT Street Youth – Please pray that God will continue to bring hope and healing to the brokenness of these new GIFT (God's Institute For Transformation) street youth and that He would establish them firmly in their identity in Christ!

  • 2023 Vision - Our 2023 vision is 'Mighty Exploits'! As God sweeps the nations of Africa and across America, we pray for revival fires to burn in the hearts of people to transform nations!

Our teams in Africa are praying for each Favor partner daily and we will have them lift up your specific prayer requests if you send them to us at

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