"Just so I tell you - there is more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety nine righteous people who need no repentance."

Luke 15:7

Our motto among the Favor staff is 'EACH ONE REACH ONE EVERYDAY!" The heartbeat of Jesus is - "to seek and to save those which are lost"!

We are most like Jesus when we are doing the same. Our staff take time out of their daily routines to evangelize in the streets, or wherever their daily journey takes them. Soulwinning is a lifestyle not a program nor a duty. There's great rejoicing as we join the throngs in heaven with joyful celebration for each precious soul that comes to Jesus.

Juba, South Sudan Team Soulwinning

Gulu, Uganda Team Member Soulwinning

"Go out to the highways and lanes and make them come in so my house may be filled". 

Luke 14:23


  • Villages
  • Shops
  • Homes/huts
  • Streets and lanes
  • Hospitals
  • Prisons
  • Schools
  • Government offices

GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD - YES WE DO AND YES WE WILL so that none may perish!

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We highly value your prayers as you partner with us to see God’s Kingdom established in Uganda, South Sudan, and America.


Our Current needs:

  • Field Missionaries – Pray for all our Field Missionaries now on their way back to the field to start up Portable Bible Schools and Trauma Healing in many locations throughout 8 countries.
  • Gabriel from South Sudan – Pray for Gabriel in South Sudan as he's looking to make inroads into Somolia very soon.  God will open doors and make a clear path!
  • Favor US Team - Pray for our newly formed US team as they run with the vision in America.
  • Resources - Continue to pray for an abundance of resources to facilitate the expanding and ripe harvest.
  • 2023 Vision - Our 2023 vision is 'Mighty Exploits'! As God sweeps the nations of Africa, we pray for revival fires to burn in the hearts of people to transform nations.

Our teams in Africa are praying for each Favor partner daily and we will have them lift up your specific prayer requests if you send them to us at prayer@favorintl.org.

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